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High heat LED display market Hidden behind the prosperity of the market's concern Time:2014-10-27 Views:
    With the development of technology and market, the LED display industry in China will gradually increase in the adjusted and have reasonable division of labor, to form a new pattern of the industry. To the end of August, LED display have been finished in the first half of 2014 listed companies performance report, report, related enterprise is profitable, some even realized the growth of double type, the end of the LED display market growth situation over the last two years.
According to the latest statistics show that AVC domestic commercial display market in the first half of 2014, domestic brand overall (including fake brand) sales proportion reached more than 71%, especially in joining together the market, sales share of around 88%.
Is so, and shows the development of the technology mature are inseparable. After years of development, the core of the liquid crystal display technology development is perfect, short time is hard to develop a revolutionary innovation, product homogeneity phenomenon is inevitable, in market competition as a result, that are a direct result of the price of the hardware product gradually transparent, response to a specific vendor competition level, channel layout and scale of production became a killer, and these two points is the most outstanding advantage of domestic enterprises.
The media effect is very popular
With digital technology, information technology rapid development, Internet, mobile Internet and social media, television, radio, mobile phone, all kinds of mobile terminal for rising trend of media fragmentation and audience contact media time is being further divided, to attract the target audience in the effective time of focus media will become the most development potential of the media.
The study found, LED electronic screen can effectively improve the audience's perception of the brand and attitude, at the same time, LED electronic screen advertising to promote the impression of the brand and product is very helpful, product advertising propaganda and the formation of the good brand image, for consumers to buy is going to be a very important role.
Expert thinks, continue to innovate and improve the quality of the media is very important, some outdoor media has launched screen interaction and qr code scanning, etc. New technology, to attract consumers to participate in the brand communication process, thus promoting the value of the integration of media advertising, outdoor display market will also be so.
The concern behind the prosperity of the market
2013 "tepid" market, time to enter in 2014, in overseas projects such as the World Cup, and small spacing products sell like hot cakes, LED the market rapidly warming, related listed companies to more profit for the first half performance. Coupled with the LED display screen is widely used in all kinds of sports, literature and art performance, and at that time, the LED screen to become the most sought-after display market technology.

However, behind the scenes of the LED display market prosperity, potential industry crisis also gradually revealed. The huge market potential is also attracted lots of manufacturers participate in, excess production capacity, product homogeneity of disorderly competition, price competition in disturbing the order of the market at the same time, also become difficult to implement differentiation break through the confusion. And have LED display enterprise vision, also has long been recognized that if there is no unique advantage of enterprise, once the market heat cooling, enterprise will be market reshuffle the torrent of relentlessly swallowed up.

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