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About the color of the LED electronic display processing technology and the static dynamic design Time:2014-10-28 Views:


    LED electronic display from the original monochrome screen, double color display screen, three base color display screen, until today's more gezer display, has accumulated a variety of color processing, become one of the core of LED display technology.

1, white field color coordinate mixing. The white field color coordinate mixing is full color LED electronic display one of the most basic technology, many LED electronic display manufacturers began to specification full color matching process. But there are still some manufacturers are often at the expense of some primary grey scale to allocate the color coordinates, makes comprehensive performance cannot be improved.
2, gezer wavelength selection, LED electronic display with its own characteristics in various fields has been widely used, different requirements in the field of LED color wavelength is also different. How to choose the LED color wavelengths to achieve better visual effect is according to usage and occasions.
3, color reduction processing. Pure blue, pure green LED the birth of the full color LED electronic display, with its wide color gamut range, high brightness, sought after by the industry, the performance of color of skin, there was significant deviation on the vision, as a result, color reproduction processing technology arises at the historic moment.
The so-called static screen is in the design of LED advertising screen and dynamic screen (screen) scanning is the corresponding. Static screen refers to the screen shows, all the lights lit at the same time. And scanning screen is the use of persistence of vision characteristic of human eyes, in a very short period of time will the LED electronic display of all light, respectively.
LED electronic display screen is driven by duty ratios, so the brightness of the display has a lot to do with the light of time cycle. Under the same brightness light-emitting tube, static screen than dynamic screen brightness is high, so generally outdoor screen with static screen, indoor screen using dynamic screen, driven to save cost.

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