BVSION HONGKONG CO.,LIMITED is INNOLUX Small and medium size LCD consumer electronic products of China's most advantage of the agent.
Everlasting prosperity has been committed to TFT LCD screen and related accessories in security, car audio, medical, equipment and other industrial fields.With the abundant product resources, we are committed to providing customers with the best selection of reference, and can form a complete set for customer driven plate, touch screen.At the same time provide technical advice, and good after-sales service.

The main dimensions:

4.3 "5" 5.6" 6.5"7"8"9"10.2" 10.4"12.1"15"

Product application:
Products used in many fields, such as vehicle navigation, industrial automation, medical, rail transportation, communication, POS system, monitoring system, national defense science and technology, GPS global positioning system (GPS), automatic charging device, police equipment, transportation equipment, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) room, projection and CTI (network communication integration) system, and so on.
Take the technology as the basis, take the quality kimono to development.    
A full range of quality assurance and testing has the following advantages:
Trust the quality of the products
Ensure the service life of the product
Product availability for a long time

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