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The four ways of advertising machine maintenance Time:2014-10-25 Views:

Advertising machine is an indispensable important component of the advertising media industry now more and more businesses are using various types of advertising machine products and enterprise image promotion. After buying new require for the maintenance and cleaning in order to achieve the effect of prolonging life.

Among them, the part of the advertising machine can be divided into electronic circuit and computer control plate, the appearance of display screen broadcast a lot of dynamic information, some types will also be able to support a touch. One-piece advertising machine generally hanging clingy metope, do not take up too much space, and even increase the space and beautiful. Advertising machine is electronic equipment, has a certain fixed number of year of time, but also need maintenance. In order to better life increased advertising machine, ensure the advertising machine in normal use in the work, the following introduce everyone to advertising machine maintenance way.

1. Pay attention to the maintenance of the environmental factors. Advertising machine is the use of the environment will directly affect the use effect and the life of the advertising machine, if the light is too bright, even with the light point-blank, on the one hand affect the visual communication of advertising machine, on the other hand, direct damage screen electronic components. In addition, advertising machine environment appropriate to air humidity, too humid condition affects only the circuit of electronic equipment, cause problems.
2. Pay attention to the body's maintenance. Advertising machine use the length of the body itself is a certain time limit, the body of the switch will produce certain damage to advertising machine, frequent switch will only cause screen electronic components damage, will naturally affect the use of advertising machine, affect the service life of it.
3. Pay attention to technical maintenance. Electronic devices can appear frequent electrostatic phenomenon, advertising machine is no exception. Electrostatic will let dust attached on the advertising machine in the air, so be sure to do the proper cleaning. Cannot use wet cloth clean, moisture content not only poor cleaning effect and is likely to cause circuit damp, so advertising machine technical maintenance.
4. Pay attention to clean maintenance. Kept the habit of regularly clean advertisement machine, can use wet cloth to clean the LCD screen, pay attention to try not to use wet cloth containing moisture is too heavy, so as not to have water into the screen and cause the LCD internal short circuit fault, etc. Recommended glasses cloth, soft lens paper to wipe to wipe the LCD screen. Lest cause unnecessary scratches on advertising machine screen.

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