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 Led display

      In order to meet the needs of customers, manufacturers can only intensify efforts on the LED display to make more detailed and careful to do every step, must design the LED display more reliable and more practical. Based on the current domestic technology development, in the LED display industry standard determination of the reliability test, actually it is difficult to realize the MTBF of no less than 10000 hours of the reliability requirement, more difficult to meet the high reliability requirements of LED display.

But to be high reliable LED display, LED display material must be have greatly improved, in respect of design requirements to the fashion, reasonable and advanced.
Let's start with LED display product material details:
First of all from the LED luminous tube:
LED tube concrete should be to achieve the following key:
1. Good stability, smaller discreteness.
2. The index is high, the attenuation rate is small, compression capability is strong.
3. The intensity, wavelength, high Angle consistency.
4. With good light effect: perfect light distribution curve.
5. Can resist temperature, humidity and uv, be applicable to the outdoor environment.

The second is on the box:
The overall adopts steel or aluminum, use open structure. Must give full consideration to two aspects of heat dissipation and waterproof measures.
And on the connector:
This is also important link devices, connectors should be made of high quality products and to ensure the thickness of gold plating of connectors, the electrical connection in the best performance. Guarantee system in high temperature and high humidity environment performance of electrical connection, you can make the system run stably and reliably for a long time.
Then on the switching power supply:
LED display powered by certified famous brand switching power supply module. For all of switch power supply have been rigorous stress tests, screening. To ensure the long-term stable and reliable.
Finally, on the circuit board and drive chip IC device:
For circuit board should use flame retardant epoxy plate, design rational layout, line specifications, meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and stability of the circuit. In a large temperature range, high precision of constant current output and high reliability, can improve the uniformity and reliability of the display screen. Display system main material should be passed CE, FCC, UL, CCC certification, etc. Above all is what LED display on the product material has high reliability requirement, only in this way LED display more and improve on quality, to achieve customer satisfaction.
5 o 'clock also should appeal to select good LED products:

Do it on the LED display products accord with the requirement of high reliability, manufacturers also need to send more time, more energy to the development, I believe that the future of LED display industry technology will become more and more exquisite, development will is limitless!

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