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Group of gen LCD AT090TN12 v. 3

    LED screen is not commonly used LED back light, LED display, also called electronic display screen or floating word. Is composed of LED dot matrix and LEDPC panel through the red, blue, white, bright green LED lights to display text, images, animation, video and content. Can make different adjustment according to the needs of different occasions, such as general advertising the flow of calligraphy and painting, is through the flash animation a, the savings in the screen in a memory card, then displayed through technical skill, can change at any time according to different needs, each part of the component is a modular structure of the display device. The traditional LED display is usually composed of display module, control system and power system.

LED luminous color and associated with the production material and technology of the LED luminous efficiency, globe at first all of blu-ray, but behind plus phosphors, according to the different needs of users, adjusting the different light color, the widely used have red, green, blue, yellow. Due to low voltage LED work and active luminous and there are certain brightness, brightness in voltage regulation, and in itself, and impact resistance, resistance to vibration, long life (100000 hours), so in the large display devices, there is no other way of display and LED display.
The red and green LED chips or tubes together as a single pixel of display screen called monochrome or single color and three color or double color screen, the red, green, blue three kinds of LED chips or tube together as a pixel display screen called three colors or full color. If there is only one color is called a monochrome, make indoor LED screen pixel size is generally 2-16 mm, often using several can produce different colors of the LED tube core is encapsulated as a body, LED outdoor screen pixel size of 6-31.5 mm, each pixel is made up of several kinds of monochrome leds, common product according to the pixel tube, double color pixel tube generally consists of 2 red 1 green, three color pixels of tube with 1 red 1 green and 1 blue.
LED more appropriate people work life
Whether made of LED monochrome, double color or 3 color screen, need to display image pixels of each LED luminous brightness must be able to adjust, the adjustment of fine degree is the grey scale display. Gray level is higher, the display image is more delicate, more colorful, the corresponding display control system are more complex. General level 256 grayscale image, color transition is very soft, and gray level 16 color image, color transition boundary obviously. So, color LED current is required to make a level 256 to level 4096 grayscale.
LED is widely attention and got rapid development, with it itself has the advantages of the inseparable. LED the development prospect is very broad, is moving toward a higher brightness, higher resistance to climate, higher luminous density, higher luminescence uniformity, reliability, full color direction.

LED display has the environmental protection, high brightness, high-definition, high reliability features stand out gradually, and on a stage, the LED display market is just meet the needs of people, but it can not meet the requirements on the LED display products, quality is not pass. With the development of LED display, LED products now has a new breakthrough. At least than on a stage and improvement progress. Also developed a series of completely different from the traditional light source used products will be popular. LED display will be a larger, more wide development space. LED display is not only beautify the role, it made people more relevant work variable dribs and drabs of life.

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