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  Automotive LED display  

    Car LED display is the use of LED technology, GSM/GPRS technology, low temperature, antistatic technology, anti-jamming technology, vehicle electronic technology such as displayed on the mobile car information products. Due to its based on a moving bus as the medium, can be circulated widely in many places, a great advertising effect, has been widely accepted, and it is different from ordinary LED display in a fixed place to install. The reason is that car and advertising.

Automotive LED display features:
1) high stability and reliability
Car is always moving, each brake start turning there will be some faint pulling power, thus car LED display high requirement of stability and reliability of electronic products.
2) the stability of the power system support
Battery power supply, car power is the same car will lead to short when start, brake and stop supply voltage is not stable, if the power supply system is bad, will burn screens.
3) wide working temperature range
Car outside generally placed in the north. Winter temperatures may reach to 40 ° C, summer temperatures may reach 60 ° C, this requires a power supply and display components work under wide temperature.
4) good anti-static measures
Car easy to generate static electricity in the middle of the run, especially in the autumn electrostatic high pressure can reach thousands of volts, if there is no good anti-static measures, edm is easy to damage to the IC and LED lights.
5) brightness
If the appropriate brightness, LED display brightness is not enough, can't see anything during the day, lost the installation screen; If too bright effect.
6) the LED brightness decay
This is the common feature of LED products. LED attenuation characteristic of LED brightness is attenuation, attenuation is 10 to 70% a year on, the poor quality of half a year of brightness is reduced by half, which cannot see display content.
7) good extension

Bus transportation can be said to be in all corners of the city, so its advertising effect can also affect the whole city, thus bring huge publicity for products services.

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