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LED display screen overlapping problem how to solve Time:2015-09-17 Views:

LED display

LED display during the installation process or put into use after may encounter a lot of technical problems, some may be in the process of connecting line installed wrong, while others may be set or operation error caused by the improper, usually just calm down and careful screening, the problem is likely to be very clear to send can solve.This time we will talk about when the LED display screen overlap coverage, how to troubleshoot problems to screen display normal?

LED display screen overlap, means two lines up and down the font or image overlap, or is only part of the can, according to the normal position and strewn at random.

The solution is to first of all, to check whether the power connection for signs of mobility is usually unstable power supply LED display failure caused by one of the most common problems;Second check wiring connection is firm;Check if the above two things, the question remains, then we have to continue to the other parts breakdown problem.
Will each module together, to the adapter plate, then transfer plate connected with the control card, so you can easily find out the problem.Because the adapter plate connection order line and the module is a one-to-one relationship, if a line on the module and the next row die set backwards, shows that the order will be disrupted.Normal circumstances should be a one-to-one correspondence, so that the content to display properly, so that is was the cause of overlapping images.As long as the corresponding relationship to reassemble the in good condition, everything is back to normal.If after checking with the adapter plate corresponds to no problem, that is the output of the adapter plate has a problem.

Through the above analysis, we found that, in fact, the causes of the so-called failure because some details didn't do a cause, therefore always flourish here remind everybody, display during installation acceptance must carefully check whether the connection error, most of the time actually is not the quality problem of the display itself, so don't too worry.

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