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How many ways are there to solve the LED display screen into the water? Time:2015-09-16 Views:

Recently, always on the Internet or on TV saw a region and the heavy rain, residents need boat travel news, the rainstorm not only for people's travel a lot of inconvenience, at the same time may also make some LED display manufacturers warehouse, the water body into the water, resulting in the display screen on the happening of this kind of phenomenon uninterrupted, LED display manufacturer in the face of the screen body into the water to take the measures of how?To explain the LED display screen into the water below the solution:

First of all, with the fastest speed with fan or other tool to fill the LED display screen completely dry;
Second, will completely blow dry after screen electricity aging, specific steps are as follows:

(1) dispatch brightness (white) is 10%, electricity aging 8-12 hours;

(2) the tune brightness (white) is 30%, electricity aging for 12 hours;

(3) dispatch brightness (white) is 60%, electricity aging 12-24 hours;

(4) dispatch brightness (white) is 80%, electricity aging 12-24 hours;

(5) dispatch brightness (white) is 100%, electricity aging 8 to 12 hours.

Complete the above steps, LED display screen will basically returned to normal, but the process has the following considerations:
1, the discovery of the warehouse or LED display screen into the water, the water should be urgent to its processing, don't delay time;

2, organize personnel to fill the LED display screen for dry processing;

3, not to have water LED display screen in the air box body, so it is easy to leds frowsty bad;

4, in the warehouse, the water may have to fill the air box, should to exposure of all air box, prevent moisture to evaporate into the LED display screen after loading box;

5, all water LED display is not handled in time may be more or less affect the stability of the screen, doing emergency treatment process, the screen may occur after the power supply die light phenomena, this would require the vendor observed at any time;

6, all water LED display screen in the flight case.More than 72 hours, the screen body basically no value, need to be careful handling.

To sum up, in the face of the processing of display screen into the water, need most is the word "as soon as possible, in the shortest time is the most effective method to deal with, the longer the time to drag, the greater the loss will, so in the warehouse, such as the water problems, immediately take action.

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