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LED display China's geographical location advantage city - shenzhen Time:2015-03-19 Views:
    LED display industry through 30 years of ups and downs, so far, there are 70% of the LED display manufacturer in shenzhen, take root, so, the city of shenzhen is the how the magic of attracting LED display manufacturers, shenzhen LED display advantage in what kind of again?

First, the geographical position is superior

Belongs to the coastal city of shenzhen, and there is a bridge between Hong Kong, with excellent port environment, both LED display the export and domestic sales, traffic network and its supporting facilities are complete.Shenzhen LED display completely without having to worry about transportation problem.

Second, the government policy is superior

As we all know, shenzhen is China's earliest special economic zones, open has superiority on policy support.Even in shenzhen has the function of market orientation, whenever there is a open economy or economic reform policies, shenzhen must be take the lead in the pilot cities, shenzhen is a city in line with international standards, all production activities of guidance by the market as the leading factor, shenzhen LED display can obtain more information also here policy guidance, more conducive to the development of Chinese LED display market.

Three, complete industrial chain a vast market

Shenzhen is one of the world famous electronic town, city of design, advanced technology, metal processing is more perfect than other cities.With these basic no matter what the emerging industry can very good go on.From components manufacture, purchase and sale of shenzhen efficiency is more efficient.

Because of its good geographical location and developed traffic factors, according to relevant data statistics, shenzhen now has brought together 15 Chinese electronic information enterprises and more than 1900 electronic enterprises, become the main force to promote the growth of electronics industry in guangdong, in 2012, shenzhen electronic products sales are expected to reach 1.1627 trillion yuan.

Fourth, rich human resources

The development of any industry must rely on the abundant human resources as the foundation, the man is this, core technology, the environment is the east wind.Shenzhen special economic zones, this city has attracted people all over the country to the construction, according to statistics, 2010 at the end of the resident population of 10.3579 million people, with population of 2.5103 million people.Including the floating population of the total population of 13.22 million people.Such a large population base, has brought many enterprises in shenzhen can continue running the inexhaustible power flow, shenzhen LED display in shenzhen, the city continues to develop and expand.

Shenzhen LED display represents the strength of LED display in China, however, with the rapid development of the city of shenzhen, the city acceptance ability more and more tend to be saturated, in recent years, shenzhen human, plant rental, prices and other factors, many enterprises in shenzhen. Shenzhen LED display manufacturer in development course of the future, must play its own unique advantages, as far as possible to their own shortcomings, and record a good correction, take the leading position in the market, market segmentation, "private tailored" is a very good choice.

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