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LED display in winter operating considerations to keep in mind Time:2014-11-25 Views:

    Led display

  Every winter season, such as low temperature, snow and rain elements have may affect the normal use LED display.In addition, assume that improper operation, will also affect the LED display life spans.The following finishing some matters needing attention, expect brother can help to customers.

The switch LED electronic display screen, matters needing attention:

1, switch the order:

After the tail: when switched on, the tail

GuanBing: when the first GuanBing, then turn it off

(to close the computer's not display, can form the screen body presents the high window, led burned tubes, serious consequences.)

2, switch screen every time more than 5 minutes.

3, computers in engineering control software before opening the electricity.

4, prevent white screen in the state of the tail, because the system the impact of the current largest at the moment.

5, to prevent the out of control in the state of the tail, because the system the impact of the current largest at the moment.

Did not enter A computer control software, etc;

B computer without electricity;

C control some power supply is not open.

6, the environment temperature too high or the cooling conditions owe good, led lighting should be careful not to spread for a long time.

7, display a some rendering a line is very bright, should be careful GuanBing in time, in this condition should not be long tail.

8, the power switch tripping, often appear screen should view the screen body or replacement on the power switch.

9, punctual see it strong condition.The careful timely adjustment, such as loose surface, strengthening or update a string from the beginning.

10, according to the large screen display screen, manipulating some site environmental conditions and prevent insect bites, should be placed against the rat poison when necessary.

Second, some changes, changes control considerations

1, computer, control some of the power cord, and fire cannot reverse connection, should be serious according to the orientation of the original plug.If there are any peripherals, join to end, should check the chassis is charged or not.

2, the control devices such as mobile computing, should first check prior to power connection lines, control panel getting loose surface.

3, can't just change communication line, flat connection line azimuth and length.

4, if there are any short circuit, tripping the mobile, burning line, the abnormal appeared such as smoking, shouldn't repeat electricity inspection, should be timely find the question.

Three, software operation using the matters needing attention

1, software backup: Windows 7, WINXP, application, software program, database, etc., proposes a "healing" software, it is very convenient.

2, accurate grasp equipment method, the original data recovery and backup.

3, master control parameter setting, basic data of preset corrections

4, skillfully using the program, operation and corrections.

5, punctuality, delete irrelevant data

6, part-time staff, do not operating software system.
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