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LED display pixel point and the point from the point of difference Time:2014-11-24 Views:

    LED display   Point distance is an important technological parameters of the LED flash screen one of the goals, what is the point distance?How to choose according to the distance from the LED flash screen?This is a question many brother, the following is our reply one by one.

What is the point?
Some distance from the distance between two pixels, to reflect the pixel density point distance and pixel density is the physical characteristics of flash screen;Information capacity is the pixel density per unit area of the one-time flash information conveys to the number of units.Point distance is smaller, the higher pixel density, one-time can blink information capacity per unit area, the more suitable to watch the closer the distance.Some distance, the greater the pixel density is lower, the less disposable flash information capacity per unit area, suitable to watch the farther the distance.
How to select the LED flash screen point distance?
Choose the LED flash screen point distance, and the elements of two aspects:
The top of the list, LED flash screen visibility
Flash screen in what position, general when people standing in the far distance, just select the LED flash screen when determining point distance is an important factor.
Generally have a formula for the best visual range = point distance/(0.3 ~ 0.8), which is a general planning.Screen flashing point distance, for example, 16 mm, best visual range is 20 ~ 54 meters, standing close than the minimum distance, can distinguish the flash screen of each pixel, particles are stronger, stand farther away, the characteristics of the human eye can't tell the details.(we have normal vision, not including nearsightedness and farsightedness).The original this is a about Numbers.
For outdoor LED flash screen, closer, generally choose P10 perhaps P12, farther with P16 may P20, and for indoor flash screen, generally P4 and P6 are available, maybe used in distant P7.62 P10.
Second, the LED flash screen pixel points
For video, the foundation is VCD format, resolution of 352 * 288, 768 * 576 the DVD format.So for the video screen, we advocate the lowest resolution not less than 352 * 288, so the effect of the flash is good enough.Suppose again low, you can blink, but not very good effect.
To give priority to with flashing text and pictures of single and double color LED flash screen, the demand of resolution is not high, according to the standards of practice, the smallest flash 9 font, can according to your literal.
So, generally choose the LED flash screen, some distance as small as possible, resolution will be more high, flash to clear.But also to summarize consider capital, demand, use planning elements, etc.
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