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What are the factors abroad LED industry rapid development? Time:2014-10-18 Views:
    Although the led screen industry in our country is still on the market is optimistic, but that is a surface phenomenon, actually are behind the many hidden trouble. Such as the industry standard, the main factors such as technology research and development, can lead to the development of China's led display industry cannot quickly a big obstacle, why international led industry developing fast, it is because in the led industry to take the corresponding measures, industry standard complete, first-class technology. Let's take a look at below Look at other countries in the rapid development of the led display industry factors have? And by other countries' experience in the face of the current status of what is worth us to reference? Mainly from four points is analyzed and described:

A, grasped the key to the construction standard for patent system: led epitaxial wafer and chip is the core component of the led display industry, and is also the most concentrated and patent competition fierce, led display industry's highest profit. The lack of core patent in epitaxial chips in our country, and this has become a core problem restricting the development of China's led display industry. If you want to solve this problem, you must be a breakthrough in the technology, need to strengthen the top layer design, key technology and key for industrial generic products, taking advantage of unit as the backing, to establish an open, the combination of production, with technology innovation platform. To strengthen the construction of the standardization of led display products, give full play to the standards related organization, association, research units and so on various aspects of function, form with independent intellectual property rights of technology innovation system and standard system.

Second, the control cost, accelerate the enterprise core competitiveness: led enterprise faces two big pressure in our country, the one is reduce the cost, another is to reduce the pressure on prices, on the one hand is the product energy saving benefits is difficult to make up for the led display cost gap; On the other hand is the result of a few enterprises of foreign technology monopoly, most of the profits of product was dominated by a few manufacturers, and our country lacks downstream products pricing power. Enterprise to solve this problem must be on the technical innovation investment, research and development, transformation and application mechanism, research and development of a number of high value-added products, set up enterprise as the main body, market oriented, the combination of technology innovation system.

Third, standardize the market, establish and improve the product supervision mechanism: now in the market is facing fanfares phenomenon led display industry. False propaganda, index of chaos, such as product safety problem, caused by unfair competition and shoddy products occupy the market. So the product is an urgent need to establish an effective supervision mechanism to standardize the market environment. To establish and perfect the system of market access, improve the standards for admittance into industries and released to the market on a regular basis of high quality led display products can and safety indicators, push out inferior products; Build public led display product testing services platform, providing standards, product testing, qualification certification, brand promotion and other professional services to the standardization of led display industry market.
Four, a reasonable guide, watch the overheated investment and excess capacity: now due to the led display quality factors on the quality of the product and price, the market is difficult to completely broke out, but there are still a lot of investors and manufacturers, and even some part of the government departments at the county level in the preparation of led display screen industry park. This led to a sharp expansion capacity investment overheating phenomenon, the industrial chain upstream and downstream in excess capacity. And because of led chip, the core of the patent in our country By foreign minority manufacturers under the condition of control, blind to expand capacity into homogeneous competition, resulting in a decline in profits even massive losses. So do not overheated investment, because of reasonable guidance, should effectively association, through optimization of the government and the market mechanism, reduce the risk of excess capacity and the negative effect as much as possible. On the one hand, to adjust the industry structure, actively promote the surplus upgrading industry structure adjustment and eliminating backward production capacity; On the other hand to speed up promote the innovation ability of the industry, to vigorously promote the construction of innovation system, to perfect enterprise as the main body of the independent innovation system.

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