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The small distance between the LED display device to be localized Time:2014-10-17 Views:


    LED display, with its small spacing flat-fell seam, wide color gamut, wide visual Angle, high contrast, high refresh rate, fast response speed, good brightness and color consistency (point by point correction), weak environment reflective of the advantages, can effectively replace the LCD, DLP, PDP, projection and so on, wide prospect of market. By 2017, small spacing LED display market scale will reach 35 billion yuan.

Small spacing display the number of unit area using the LED device, and the present stage small spacing encapsulated devices mainstream suppliers in China are not of the enterprise, so the general display enterprise urgently looking forward to the localization of device, to reduce the production cost greatly, at the same time enjoy the perfect localization service.
But, at present the small distance between the LED display, there are many technical difficulties need to break through. In driven design aspects, for example, how the point-to-point matching source standard resolution? How to support multiple signals, complex system access and control? In terms of packaging components, how to solve the problem of small spacing characteristic display effect, such as product failure, afterglow, dull by the first sweep, low ash partial uneven red, low ash, low dark point and so on? How to improve the product can be a performance? In the module assembly, seam will appear what problem? How to implement the joint to eliminate with the correction?
Specific to see small spacing LED encapsulation device technical features: the lamp body size, high reliability requirements, high consistency under low current work requirements, require high weldability, the lamp body surface treatment of high level requirements. Thus, it brings us a series of difficulties.

A is the first time that QFN technology is introduced into the LED packaging industry. Compared with the traditional process, QFN production process more than 50% of the difference, the enterprise must understand the process. Second, enclosed space is very small, the chip layout become difficult. Three is the accuracy requirement of the equipment are high, especially the test separator, currently there are no outstanding international manufacturers, so the brightness error can only be controlled within 5%. Four is forming mould design, reliability, surface treatment, size stability problems. 5 it is encapsulated glue modification ability. Because of special glue on the market is not mature, so you need to encapsulate enterprise itself for its modification, such as sealing can, contrast, mixed light effect. Sixth, lead frame design, the improvement of accuracy of lead frame. Seven is more demanding to the character of the chip.

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