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Pre-sales support 
Help the user to type (type screen, touch screen, etc.).
To provide users with display solution (control mode recommendation, parts selection, etc.).
Provide technical support for users of products (such as display and control card properly connected, use of accessories, use the matters needing attention).
To the user before shipment, for each product quality inspection, to ensure that every product testing standards.
After-sales support
If the LCD module failed, we will provide you with the following services:
1, due to product quality problems caused by the LCD module display abnormal, will provide free maintenance, can be replaced when necessary;
2, because the user module is damaged, we will try our best to repair, if our company can't repair, will return to the manufacturer for repair, this kind of situation will charge the corresponding maintenance cost.
3, if caused by liquid crystal chip physical injury LCD modules can not work normally, generally the module can only be scrapped.
4, during the warranty period, the client itself, artificial damage of quality problem of our company provide maintenance fee, charge cost of raw materials.
Control the card class, belong to product quality problems, enjoy one year warranty service.Liquid crystal as a display device, because there are no international standards, various types of liquid crystal signal interface, control will be different, so will have some difficulties in using, our strong technical support, will make your difficulties solved!
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